Notice of Liability under section 245 of the Criminal Code of Canada

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This brief 2-page document can be presented to any governmental service corporation, law enforcement official, business owner / manager, or private person who is requiring you to wear a mask (which causes you to breath dangerous levels of Carbon Dioxide which is a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act of 1999), as a condition of employment, to access public spaces, or to receive some stated benefit.

Coercion or inducement of any kind that causes individuals to accept a medical intervention or procedure they normally would not have consented to is a clear ethical and legal violation of the Nuremberg Code, Internal Humans Rights Code, and several country, state, and provincial codes as well.

This form clearly imposes legal and commercial liability, as well as threatens CRIMINAL CHARGES and potential JAIL TIME on mandators who require you to wear a face covering to receive benefits, access public spaces, or maintain employment. We collectively need to stop tyranny in its tracks before things get further out of hand!

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