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The Truth about Masks, RT-PCR Tests, Statistics, Viruses, Lockdowns, Dangers, Agendas, Vaccines, and the Law. 

This is a massive summary of the research I have acquired since March 2020 regarding the Covid19 PLANdemic that is a MUST READ for everyone. It contains 235+ pages of articles, charts, graphs, statistics, and insight into what is REALLY going on with this planned event. 

You can preview it for free in high resolution on our website at Download it here in standard resolution PDF with a donation of $10 or more to help support my ongoing work.

If you wish to print the document in high resolution, which has more detailed and pixel rich graphics, it's just $5 more.

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Feel free to come back weekly to get the updated version as I am constantly adding new material and the latest statistics. Simply create an account and you will always have access to the latest version. When a major update is published, you will receive an email notification to prompt you to get the latest news.

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235+ pages of fantastic, easy-to-read research on Covid19. Get it now; name a price of $10 or more to donate to the cause and help support my ongoing and never-ending research. Thanks from AJ!

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The Covid Report |

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